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Aloe veraChinese green tea with pieces of Aloe vera.
AmandineCinnamon and almond flavored green tea.
AppleBlack tea with apple flavor.
ApricotApricot flavored black tea. Tasty and very fruity.
Assam FOPGood indian tea, middle leaves.
BanchaGreen tea traditionnaly drank in the japanese houses.
Bengladesh SilloahBlack tea FTGFOP from Bengladesh
Bois cheriVanilla flavored black tea from the Reunion island.
BouquetFlowery flavored black tea, smell and taste are very pleasant. A good tea for five o'clock.
BreakfastChocolate flavoured black tea from Ceylon with coffee and cereals
BreakfastBlend of Ceylon, Darjeeling and Assam black teas.
Brick of teaBrick of compressed black tea avec chinese drawing (1 Kg)
Café lattéA mix of black tea, coffe beans, caramel and cocoa chips. Very flavored.
CaramelBlack tea with caramel flavor.
Caramel bourbonAsian black tea with boubon vanilla and caramel
Ceylon OP Special PetiagallaOrange Pekoe black tea from Sri Lanka
Ceylon OP1Selection of black tea Orange Pekoe from Sri Lanka.
Ceylon St James OPBlack tea from Ceylon.
Ceylon Uva HighlandA black tea from Sri Lanka, strong.
Chinese SenchaBasic green tea from China
Christmas teaBlack tea with chips of orange peel, pieces of apple and caramel flavor.
ChromeA sublte blend of black, red, green and wulong teas.
CoconutBlack tea with coconut flavor.
Coconut vanillaBlack tea with coconut vanilla flavor.
Darjeeling OolongOolong tea SINGBULLI S.F.
Dethein Earl Grey
DillDill flavored green tea.
Earl Grey fleurs bleuesBlack tea with sublime bergamot flavor.
Earl Grey superieurBlack tea with high quality bergamot flavor.
EtéBlack tea with caramel, vanilla and red berries flavor.
Formose FancySemi-fermented tea (between green and black) from Taïwan. Big leaves.
Very good for ice-tea.
GenmaïchaThé vert japonais au riz et maïs.
Traditionnellement bu en thé glacé.
Georgie BOPThé noir corsé de Georgie, typiquement du matin, naturellement fruité. A ne pas confondre avec les thés "Goût russe".
Grand YunnanBlack tea of the Chinese soil, the sheets of a beautiful black. Full and noble infusion.
GrapefruitBlack tea with grape fruit flavor.
Green cherryChinese green tea with cherry tree flowers.
Green darjeeling KGFOP1 North TukvarThe green teas are almost rare in India, here is the exception. An happy marriage to give a flowery taste to the sweetness of the green tea .
Green earl greyBergamot flavoured green tea. Excellente alternative to the classical earl grey
Green vanillaVanilla flavoured green tea with slivered leaves
Very interresting flavour
GunpowderGreen tea of China whose sheets are in balls. More generous out of theine than in taste, an excellent green tea of the morning.
Jasmin Grand MandarinBlack tea with great jasmine blossoms flavor.
Joly blendA blend of black tea from China, Ceylon and Darjeeling
KeemunLight black tea of China. To drink without milk.
Lapsang Souchong ExtraTea of China, strongly smoked. A nervous tea, a tea of the morning.
Lavander princessWonderful aroma and flavour for this black tea flavoured with citrus and lavander flowers.
Lemon creamSurprising black tea with lemon and cream flavor.
LycheeBlack tea with lychee flavor.
MatchaPoudre de thé vert du Japon,
utilisée pour la cérémonie du thé (thé fouetté)
Excellent aussi pour soupoudrer de la pâte de riz ou du thé sencha.
Mint chocolateBlack tea with mint chocolate flavor.
Moon PalaceGreen tea of China, with rolled up and silver plated sheets. Orange and delicate infusion for a light but pleasant taste.
Paï Mu TanUne belle robe orangé clair pour un thé blanc venant de Fujian en Chine
PearBlack tea with pear flavor.
Plait of teaTea of China in ball in dried sheets of banana tree.
Pomme d'ApiBlack tea with apple & cheery favor.
Roast hazelnutBlack tea with roast hazelnut flavor.
RumBlack tea with rum flavor.
Sencha FukuyuThé vert traditionnel.
Servit aux invité dans les maisons japonaises.
Spirit of ProvenceA black tea flavoured with the perfumes of Provence, full of flavour and aroma, very tonic.
SquirrelBlack tea flavoured with hazelnuts, orange and mauve flowers
VanillaBlack tea with vanilla flavor.
Vanilla AppleBlack tea with vanilla & apple flavor.
VioletBlack tea with violet flavor.
Yunnan vertGreen tea of China, with soft green leaves, taste a little strong.
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