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Flavored black tea
AppleBlack tea with apple flavor.
ApricotApricot flavored black tea. Tasty and very fruity.
Bois cheriVanilla flavored black tea from the Reunion island.
BouquetFlowery flavored black tea, smell and taste are very pleasant. A good tea for five o'clock.
BreakfastChocolate flavoured black tea from Ceylon with coffee and cereals
Café lattéA mix of black tea, coffe beans, caramel and cocoa chips. Very flavored.
CaramelBlack tea with caramel flavor.
Caramel bourbonAsian black tea with boubon vanilla and caramel
Christmas teaBlack tea with chips of orange peel, pieces of apple and caramel flavor.
CoconutBlack tea with coconut flavor.
Coconut vanillaBlack tea with coconut vanilla flavor.
Dethein Earl Grey
Earl Grey fleurs bleuesBlack tea with sublime bergamot flavor.
Earl Grey superieurBlack tea with high quality bergamot flavor.
EtéBlack tea with caramel, vanilla and red berries flavor.
GrapefruitBlack tea with grape fruit flavor.
Jasmin Grand MandarinBlack tea with great jasmine blossoms flavor.
Lavander princessWonderful aroma and flavour for this black tea flavoured with citrus and lavander flowers.
Lemon creamSurprising black tea with lemon and cream flavor.
LycheeBlack tea with lychee flavor.
Mint chocolateBlack tea with mint chocolate flavor.
PearBlack tea with pear flavor.
Pomme d'ApiBlack tea with apple & cheery favor.
Roast hazelnutBlack tea with roast hazelnut flavor.
RumBlack tea with rum flavor.
Spirit of ProvenceA black tea flavoured with the perfumes of Provence, full of flavour and aroma, very tonic.
SquirrelBlack tea flavoured with hazelnuts, orange and mauve flowers
VanillaBlack tea with vanilla flavor.
Vanilla AppleBlack tea with vanilla & apple flavor.
VioletBlack tea with violet flavor.
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Dethein Earl Grey
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Christmas tea

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